Communication and Security Systems

Voice over IP (VoIP)

CCS has teamed up with several Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers. Each carrier has their own specific features that bring different strengths needed for each client.
How it works. Once you’ve got a connection to the Internet we can setup these phones so you can send and receive calls. This is a simplistic statement for how the VoIP systems work from the client prospective we try to make it that easy. If setup correctly, with a power supply, you can take your phone anywhere in the planet. I can be in Germany, plug in my phone and make a call to my parents in Minnesota of the USA and they think I’m in my office twenty miles away.
We use VoIP at our offices. The three features I like best are:

  1. Unlimited Long Distance.
  2. Voice Mail to Email.
  3. Setting Rules for my phone to connect with me in and out of the office when I want it.

There are a ton of features for modern phone systems. Have you ever tried full motion color video on your phone? Let’s explore what features are right for your organization!

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Wiring & Wireless

As part of the On Call Technical support services we have technicians that will run wire through your facility to directly connect machines, servers, firewalls and routers together. Wiring would also include security systems and speaker or PA systems. We supply every part of the wiring job from the wall plates you plug into to the network switch in your systems closet or just a local place in your office suite.

The wiring technicians know how to determine what codes need to be followed and how to read a panel at the D Mark. Make sure to ask us what a D mark is if you’re not familiar. Send your sales representative a note when you want to add another low voltage network outlet for your new VoIP phone.

The On Call Technical technicians will work with you to determine what wireless router will work best with your organization then install and configure your new router. For larger organizations we can also implement wireless access points to extend your organizations wireless networks.

If you have a commercial structure that is near a public place or you operate a parking garage and want to generate some extra revenue by charging a metered rate for a wireless signal we can also provide that server. Let us meet with you to discuss all the options.

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Security Systems

A security system can be many things like any other technology category. A security system can be cameras mounted to monitor an area. This area can be a facility, parking lot or field. A security system can also record what’s being monitored.

Security systems can also provide door and window locks where they can allow access during certain times of the day and closed other times. Clients can get more sophisticated by implementing access cards programmed to the needs of each individual. Logs can be created electronically that record the entry of each card holder identified by the personal access key card.

As mentioned earlier, security systems can be many things. The technicians at On Call Technical can also pair the logon to their work station to the access card used to enter the building or work location monitored by the company.

Corporate Contract Services does not provide a monitoring service staffed by agents. We’ve relied on electronic messaging and computer logs to manage the security systems that we’ve implemented.

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