Network Support/Services

As a network administrator we are also a trusted advisor. We assure peace of mind through a cultivated relationship providing a stable network of things. Network Administration is one of our specialty’s. We can get you the equipment or software and get you the financing. In today’s environment, most of our desktop, server and network administration is in the small and medium business (SMB). The SMB is where we shine with the resources for everything electronic. Talk to RJ Wolf for a network review.

CCS supports hundreds of clients. Many of our clients are supported remotely via a secure access software where we are able to log into your machine and make the necessary changes fix configuration, upgrade or migration issues.

We sell over 550,000 items from our wholesale suppliers. Our supplier have warehouses all across the planet including five major hubs from just one of our suppliers. We’ve partnered with many of the major brands like Lenovo, NetGear, HP, Microsoft, Dell, LinkSys, Cisco and others.

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Remote Access Solutions

As part of the “network administration” our technicians can access your machine remotely via a secure connection. In the past few years CCS has purchase a corporate license with This allows us to maintain multiple levels of security on your network, firewalls, desktops and appliances.

As a customer of CCS this is one of the technologies that we can deploy to enhance the response and customer experience to support.

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Backup Services

Our consultants at CCS have backups down cold. There are a number of backup services to choose from on the technical landscape today. Since we are consultants, we provide non-biased approach to choosing the best solution(s). We have partnered with several backup services that specialize in both large and small scale backups with various retention guidelines and costs. The consultants at CCS are also able to setup and administer local backups to a disaster recovery (DR) site or a local Network Attached Storage (NAS) that provides backup to the corporate office and it’s remote sites.

We have been involved with some of the largest DR backup plans! One of our projects was to develop a DR that would be capable of housing 60 bank tellers in the event of a disaster. The planning for such a site included but wasn’t limited to, finding a suitable site below grade that was on separate power, phone and data grids.

If you choose to utilize our “hosted services” a disaster recovery (DR) scenario is configured within the data center with continuous snap shots of your data every 30 seconds. Data can also be saved for a defined number of days by the customer.
Backups are necessary to recovery in the event of computer viruses, natural disasters and human intervention. Call CCS to setup your backups today.

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Email Scanning

It’s said that much of our viruses come through our email right to our in box. Email scanning may be just as important as anti-virus. It’s because the scan picks out the emails that will harm your system and possibly your entire network.

CCS has offered email scanning for a number of years. These clients are the ones who have fewer issues. The monthly per user fee is worth the price of scanning.
Here’s how scanning works. Our network administrator points your email at the email scanning service. The email is scanned for any spam or someone trying to harm you. The email that’s bad is put into a folder for review and the rest is then sent along to you. When some clients implement the scanning they feel like they’ve gotten their lives back. There email box only has requests from clients and no longer has thousands of email a day to sort through and delete.

Again, if you want to look at all the requests to send five hundred dollars to get his father’s inheritance of ten million you can always look at the held email that have been scanned out. This service is pennies per day. Call now to schedule your appointment for email scanning.

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Hardware and Software Sales

After we started the On Call Technical division with Network Administrators we soon realized that the client valued being able to source their support, equipment and software all from a single vendor. Over the past couple of decades our staff has become very savvy in establishing partnerships with a number of the top manufactures. With these partnerships we were able to purchase through the “channel” where pricing and selection is vast. One of our vendor partners has over 440,000 parts and SKU’s.

Another benefit to purchasing via “the channel” is that when we purchase orders are taken into our system and tracked for warranty, recalls and maintenance. It also provides with the opportunity to purchase warranty extensions from the manufacture or third party. We get training and support to function like we have a thousand person staff with specialties from every major manufacture at our disposal.

If you’re organization is looking to save some money we have a number of customers that appreciate refurbished equipment. Often the selection varies but, usually includes a number of major name brand hardware.

We do this all for the customer!


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