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Having invested significant moneys into their existing information systems, databases and delivery mechanisms, many organizations are now faced with the prospect of reviewing and comparing this current technology with the new relational architectures, development tools and interface standards.

As newer technologies are selected, the implementation process of transforming the existing environment to the new target environment brings forth an interesting challenge.

CCS has a proven method to assist our clients in the effective migration of their applications and data to the new environment. Through the use of an effective data engineering approach for transformation of data, along with reverse (re-engineering) for data modeling, and forward engineering of applications, we can provide an extremely efficient and manageable transformation process while striving to efficiently maintain legacy systems during the conversion.

Give us a call to see if we can help 952/881-5900.
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Database Administration

The database administrators at Corporate Contract Services (CCS) have really been the backbone of this consultancy.

We have a number of clients across the united states where we administer their Oracle and MS SQL Databases remotely or through a combination of on-site and remote access. This has been a Just-in-Time type of database support with continuous monitoring of corporate data files and the integrity they need to fulfill the Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPPA laws.

This service has been a real win for the clients. Companies we work with have saved thousands each year by only paying for monitoring. The Oracle Database administrators are only used for project work and when there is a problem. Some clients have retained our services for years as an “ask the professional” when there is a need to have an experienced consultant ready to help with an upgrade of PeopleSoft, Workday, Lawson, SAP or some other product specific application knowledge.

In the twenty years CCS has been providing database consultants we have developed a few specialties. A partial list is;

  • Data Warehouse:
    The CCS Database Administrators have been able to take on-going data feeds and transactional processes to a whole new level called the Data Warehouse. Our principal is thought to have created the first data warehouse at Aetna in 1997. Since then some of our data has become data marts and grids.
    These marts are now making determinations that challenge regular outcomes and the concentrated data reporting of decades show patterns for C level decisions.
  • Enterprise:
    Many of our Data Administrators and Architects work on large enterprise information technology environments where SAP, WorkDay, Teradata, PeopleSoft, Oracle HR or JD Edwards reside. These environments give our consultants insight to the inner workings of global, national and regional systems that can make your data world class.
  • Database Automation:
    Numerous times our consultants have created automated processes where data is pushed to a client or pulled from a time collection system. One of the keys to automating is to take the next step in automating how the pulled data from a time clock is then brought to subsequent steps in the process where additional databases are cross checked or external rules are provided that ensure data.
  • Workday Migration and Data Mart Resource:
    We would like to meet with your organization to show you how we have provided data feeds to Workday. Then at the same time develop a data mart that will provide a long term repository of client data for analysis and recovery.

Ask our sales team to schedule a meeting with your company’s internal technology staff. Contact Robert Wolf at 952/881-5900.

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UNIX Administration

Unix administration has many flavors and Corporate Contract Services will try to work with the skills of the consultants and requirements of the clients to fulfill this need.

Our consultants have worked with a number of the major versions of UNIX. A short list may be: HPUX, SCO Unix, Unicos, AIX Unix, Linux, Susie Linux and Red Hat.

Give us a call to see if we can help 952/881-5900.

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Contract Programming

Corporate Contract Services founding member is a seasoned programmer and analyst that has consulted at some of the best known companies and even some lesser known that needed a business solution solved. We started CCS with contract programmers and DBA’s that were building and supporting enterprise and SMB needs. Many of the programming languages have changed from when the company started almost twenty years ago. The business requirements have predominately stayed the same.

Our programmers have written automated routines that pull external data and create reporting on client habits. We have so many projects, that we don’t even count them any longer. Some our favorite projects have been very rewarding personally and professionally. From the small one or two person teams to the enterprise projects with people on different floors and countries. You should hire us to build your application.

We have a special sauce! As we mentioned, our principal is also a programmer. He can interview a candidate to see if their skills match the resume. If they do then you can depend on that consultant. CCS also provides background and drug testing on all of its candidates and reports the findings to its clients to ensure the “best practices” for companies benefit.

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Project Manager

It is said that a project is like an inverted pyramid. As a project progresses the resources continue to expand. Organizations need a “great” project manager that can understand the business needs, programming requirements, testing functionality, timeline and don’t forget about the budget.

All possible requirements and timelines must be developed, in advance and documented in a project document that is understandable to both the business and technical communities. Many organizations have also implemented technological tools to aid in tracking such progress of their projects. This will provide standards for times and resources that assist in developing costs for each project.

In recent history many organizations have tried to develop certifications for Project Managers. Companies have used these certifications as their own tool as an assistant to determine if a consultant was up to the task of Project Manager.

With decades of experience inside the corporate walls our sales staff has the experience to determine if a consultant will a “great” Project Manager.

If you have a project in mind, call Robert Wolf on the sales staff. Robert has been a project manager on multi-million dollar projects. He will work with your organization to bring the right candidate for the job.

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Business Analyst

A Business Analyst has long been a staple for staff augmentation. A good business analyst is worth their weight in determining if the business function matches the proposed IT process has merit. A business analyst will also have both the technical ability and be able to interface with the business community within a company to derive technical specifications.

From time to time a programmer with excellent interpersonal relationship skills will graduate to a business analyst or at least provide cross functional skills. CCS has a deep pool of consultants from which to choose the right Business Analyst for your organization.

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Testing Analyst

A testing analyst that’s consultant needs to create test scenarios for localized and system wide test to ensure the functionality that the project works as planned. A testing analyst job is very important in alerting departments to proceed with the project or that significant issues have arisen and require further testing or bug fixes. Just as programmer or business analyst has a specific role in large enterprise projects. A tester will ensure the validity of business requirements for any given project.

The ideal “Test Scenario” is credible, complex, compelling or motivating story to predict the outcome which is easy to evaluate.
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