Contract Programming

Corporate Contract Services founding member is a seasoned programmer and analyst that has consulted at some of the best known companies and even some lesser known that needed a business solution solved.  We started CCS with contract programmers and DBA’s that were building and supporting enterprise and SMB needs.   Many of the programming languages have changed from when the company started almost twenty years ago.  The business requirements have predominately stayed the same.

Our programmers have  written automated routines that pull external data and create reporting on client habits.  We have so many projects, that we don’t even count them any longer.  Some our favorite projects have been very rewarding personally and professionally.  From the small one or two person teams to the enterprise projects with people on different floors and countries.  You should hire us to build your application.

We have a special sauce!  As we mentioned, our principal is also a programmer.  He can interview a candidate to see if their skills match the resume.  If they do then you can depend on that consultant.  CCS also provides background and drug testing on all of its candidates and reports the findings to its clients to ensure the “best practices” for companies benefit.