Database Administration

Database Administration

We have several clients where we administer their Oracle Databases remotely or through a combination of on-site and remote access.  This has been a Just-in-Time type of database support with continuous monitoring of corporate data files and the integrity they need to fulfill the Sarbanes-Oxley laws. 

This service has been a real win for the clients.  Companies we work with have saved thousands each year by only paying for monitoring.  The Oracle Database administrators are only used for project work and when there is a problem.  Some clients have retained our services for years as an “ask the professional” when there is a need to have an experienced consultant ready to help with an upgrade of PeopleSoft, Lawson, SAP or some other product specific application knowledge.

UNIX Administration

Unix administration has many flavors and Corporate Contract Services will try to work with the skills of the consultants and requirements of the clients to fulfill this need. 

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