Project Manager

It is said that a project is like an inverted pyramid.  As a project progresses the resources continue to expand.  Organizations need a “great” project manager that can understand the business needs, programming requirements, testing functionality, timeline and don’t forget about the budget.


All possible requirements and timelines must be developed, in advance and documented in a project document that is understandable to both the business and technical communities.  Many organizations have also implemented technological tools to aid in tracking such progress of their projects.  This will provide standards for times and resources that assist in developing costs for each project.


In recent history many organizations have tried to develop certifications for Project Managers.  Companies have used these certifications as their own tool as an assistant to determine if a consultant was up to the task of Project Manager.


With decades of experience inside the corporate walls our sales staff has the experience to determine if a consultant will a “great” Project Manager.


If you have a project in mind, call Robert Wolf on the sales staff.  Robert has been a project manager on multi-million dollar projects.   He will work with your organization to bring the right candidate for the job.