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Perhaps the most important skill brought to the table by CCS staff managers is an absolute commitment to the concept of Change Management in relation to fixed bid developments.  Our corporate commitment to tight management and timely deliveries is the first priority to the customer.

Remote Access Solutions

Having invested significant moneys into their existing information systems, databases and delivery mechanisms, many organizations are now faced with the prospect of reviewing and comparing this current technology with the new relational architectures, development tools and interface standards.  As newer technologies are selected, the implementation process of transforming the existing environment to the new target environment brings forth an interesting challenge.  CCS has a proven method to assist our clients in the effective migration of their applications and data to the new environment.  Through the use of an effective data engineering approach for transformation of data, along with reverse (re-engineering) for data modeling, and forward engineering of applications, we can provide an extremely efficient and manageable transformation process while striving to efficiently maintain legacy systems during the conversion.

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